Our Story


Hailing from Santa Rosa,Ca.,The Bloodstones bring an original, 
positive "roots reggae-soul" vibration. 
Their conscious lyrics,melodic solos,bass heavy "dub" sections and hypnotic grooves creates a unique elixir of magic that results in everyone dancing and having an epic experience.They put their heart and soul into their music and love sharing it. 


Vocalist "Sky I" comes from the island of Martinique. His unique style and conscious, creative lyrics, ignites the bands positive, driving movement. He connects easliy with the audience getting them up on their feet while still bringing the laid back island vibes. 

The dueling guitar section consists of Sam Hamby and Kevin Seisenbacher. Sammy has been shredding guitar for 20 years. He also leads his own soul/funk band "The Marshal House Project". 
Kevin Seisenbacher is versatile guitarist formerly of the band "Felony Funk". From rock to reggae, Kevin does it all. 

The rhythm section is held down by bassist Burton Eubank of Red Lions Dub and Mingo Lewis Jr. Burton's meaty bass lines and soulful groove locks in perfectly with the fiery drumming of Mingo Jr. Mingo has been touring internationally with reggae/jazz band Groundation as their percussionist for the last 12 years. He is home now for good and holding down the drum chair with flair for the Bloodstones.